The Team

Jonathan 'Jono' Lafler

Category 3
Race: Road, Zwift
Rider type: Punchy boy

Jono started his endurance sport journey as a runner, where he ultimately had a successful D1 collegiate career at WSU. He was able to run “kinda far, very fast” but eventually realized that running is a ridiculous activity and came to cycling. In addition to his gigantic aerobic engine, buddy has an unparalleled ability to suffer at the intersection of aerobic and anaerobic efforts… no KOM’s between 90 seconds and 5 minutes are safe from him.Other fun facts about Jono: he likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, he’s impossible to draft off of, and he and his wife have have two frenchies Reggie and Ferguson, who are very good boys.

Frank 'Trace' Jocewicz III

Category 3
Race: Road, Gravel, Cross, Fat
Rider type: Watt/kg

Trace is the team youngin’ coming in at 1 year older than my oldest pair of bibs. He’s got a big ol’ threshold and is not afraid to use it to roll off the front and, coupled with his featherweight status, is virtually undroppable when the road pitches up. He was 2nd place in his category at Grandad’s Bluff last year, 2nd in the cat 4’s at Minnesota State Crit Champs, and won the stock class at the Minnesota State TT. He is also a menace on the fat bike taking 12th at Fat Bike Worlds and 36th at Fat Bike Birkie this year. A nerd by trade and bike tinkerer by hobby, he is also the unofficial head team mechanic.Fun facts about Trace: he is one of the (many) reformed Wisconsinites on the team, he is the proud owner of not one but two retired Rabobank TCR’s, and he knocked over the first domino that lead to the creation of GDR.

Will 'Kaiser' Pass

Category 3
Race: Road, Gravel, Cross
Rider type: Chaotic Neutral

Will Pass, the elder statesman of Grayduck Racing. So what kind of rider is Will? We’re not sure and we don’t think he is either. Is he going to sit in and sprint, or go hard from the gun and ride off the front for 10 laps? Nothing is off the table with Will, he just loves racing his bike.With his advanced age comes a great deal of experience and Will loves sharing it, coaching new riders on the crit course and MTB trails alike dropping pearls of wisdom such as, “you just have to pedal more” and “there’s an obvious line, just take it.”When not on the bike, Will is an avid music enthusiast and budding album critic. He also enjoys mowing his lawn at dawn, yelling at children to get off his lawn, and winds-down for the day with Wheel of Fortune before bed. If you’re lucky enough to get him out past dark he’s been known to bring down a karaoke bar with his rendition of Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand.

Zach 'El Hombrecito' Bordeau

Category 4
Race: Road, Fat
Rider type: Spicy

Zach is the next addition to our cat 4 roster. His nickname and racing style are borrowed from his short but illustrious career in amateur Lucha Libre style professional wrestling: acrobatic and aggressive. If you’ve raced with Zach you know he’s most happy jumping off the front in off-the-top-rope style attacks. A true hard-man, Zach rides outdoors all year, commuting even through the dead of winter.A man of impeccable style, Zach was adamant the team kits for this year must be sick, and lead many design sessions into the wee hours of the morning, the fruits of which we will soooooon be able to share. Zach has also used his personal talents to land himself in a couple administrative capacities as well, as our webmaster and official team Facial Hair Czar™

Dustin 'BIRDMAN' Bowman

Category 3
Race: Road, MTB, Cross, Gravel
Rider type: Diesel

Dustin also came a running background when his knees started to protest, and loved the extra ability to go farther and see more things. After initial aspirations of short and big watts, he realized sprinting is for nerds and learned to love steady state efforts. Rumored to have a 12 valve Cummins in his chest and scale numbers to back it up, Dustin loves rolling coal on flat or undulating terrain, and this enthusiasm quickly evaporates as soon as the road tilts skyward. In spite of this, Dustin loves racing off-road, getting 35th at Fat Bike Worlds, 98th overall at Lutsen 99er, and 83rd overall at the Filthy 50 last year.Dustin wishes his nickname had a cool backstory but it just comes from his love of photographing birds, and as team photographer, he’ll get plenty of practice shooting ducks this year. Other fun facts about Dustin: his favorite kind of taco is an unsliced, folded in half supreme pizza, he loves to garden, and when singing karaoke with Will his bittersweet rendition of Ice Ice Baby has been know to reduce the establishment to tears.

Andrew Fredrickson

Category 3
Race: Road, Cross
Rider type: Crafty

Andrew, like many on GDR, is newer to the racing scene, but has been a lifelong passion for bicycles. Andrew grew up learning the ins and outs of proper bicycle maintenance working shoulder to shoulder with his dad, @parktoolblue own Calvin Jones.

Andrew brings to the team a sunny disposition and indomitable enthusiasm, and scrappy racecraft. As one of the Grayduck fastmen Andrew has been known to snap some legs, taking the cat 4 crit championship in 2021 following a nearly flawless leadout from his future teammate . His first season of cross proved he’s got handling skills and the ability to keep pressure on the pedals too, after he clawed his way across the gap to the front group in the 4/5 championships for a solid 3rd place.

Dylan Skule

Category 3
Race: Road
Rider type: Bash Brother

The third half of the GDR bash brothers, Dylan Skule. Originally a long haired hippy from California, Dylan landed in Minnesota where he was unable to major in doobies and surfing so he got his FinanceBro™ certification instead. As a former collegiate hockey player, Dylan brings a steely confidence and grace to the crit course, along with a pile of grit. Alone Dylan is a crafty racer adept at following wheels and staying protected, but look for him in the Grayduck leadout train this year.Fun facts about Dylan: he was the understudy for the sun-baby for one season of the Teletubbies, he is a charter member of the Clean Plate Club, and was recently married.

Alex "MAAP guy" Rooker

Category 3
Race: Road, Gravel
Rider type: Haymaker

His attacks melt the will to compete, his sprints melt tires, and his smile, well that melts hearts. He moves in silence and grace like the night. He’s the sprinty boi we want, but not the sprinty boi we deserve. He is… The MAAPGuy™Alex, more commonly known as MAAP Guy, comes to the team with a wide base of knowledge in various endurance sports. He’s a competitive speed skater and accomplished running coach. We’re about 69% sure he’s probably also Minnesota’s Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne. He is also the second most impressive athlete in his household, his wife is a competitive distance runner that runs very far, extremely fast.